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Dental Crowns and Bridges for Teeth in Kandivali, Mumbai


Our pearl white teeth are one of the most important aspects of beautiful smile. However due to unforbidden accidents, mishaps or generic problems we might lose our natural teeth or tooth. The crowns are basically used when the teeth are heavily decayed. Both crowns and different elements of bridges are fixed prosthetic devices.

After detailed diagnoses by our experts dental doctors, the crowns or bridges can be recommended in case of:-

A crown is basically used as cover or “cap” for a damaged tooth. This step is constituted to strengthen a damaged tooth which can improve appearance, shape or alignment.

Dental crowns consisted of materials like porcelain or ceramic crowns are being used or clinic does offer you with array of facilities and can give you unlimited choices pertaining to different materials.

With years of expertise, we can even undertake complex cases pertaining to dental crowns or bridges.

Our dedicated and personalized services are open for all age group people.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

# A dental bridge does give the aid to dentist to replace the lost teeth without the application of denture.

# Be it dental crowns or bridges, it is important to maintain a good oral health regime to ensure its longevity. Our panel of experts does share you with all the righteous tips before and after treatments.

# There are miscellaneous advantages of dental bridges or crowns, some of them are as follows:-

# The dental crowns or bridges can conceal flaws or gaps.

# Even the procedures are easy, fast and minimum sitting you can get your job done.

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Full Porcelain Fused To Metal
Full Cast Gold Crown



Teeth Around The Space Are Prepared
The Bridge Is Mounted & Adjusted For Fit & Comfort
The Bridge Is Cemented Into Position.

Q-What is a "tooth crown"?

A-There are a variety of factors that may contribute to the deterioration of teeth over the course of time. Age, tooth decay, defective fillings, improper bites and chewing patterns all play a role in the eventual wearing down and cracking of teeth. Dental crowns can reverse the effects of time by covering the entire visible surface of a tooth with enamel and porcelain to both strengthen the tooth and increase its durability. Crowns also improve the appearance of worn down and damaged teeth. Your dentist can tell you which problem areas in your mouth might be helped by the placement of a crown.

Crowns come in two basic types: porcelain fused to metal and full porcelain crowns. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are an option in cases where extra resistance is needed for any given reason. Full porcelain crowns are very popular as they can be made to closely resemble natural tooth color and transparency. Advancements in composite resin materials and bonding technology have also limited the need for metallic crown anchors that hold the crown in place.

Q-What is the dental bridges procedure?

A-A dental bridge is basically a false tooth (also known as a pontic) which is placed in the space left by a missing tooth. Porcelain crowns on either side of the tooth are bonded with resin to the pontic in what is known as a fixed bridge. This procedure can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Bridges reduce the risk of gum disease and help correct some bite issues. They can last for a long time.

Q-What are the pros and cons of dental bridges?

A-Bridges appear natural and blend in well with your existing teeth. They can also usually be set in only two office visits to your dentist. With a regimen of good oral hygiene they can last as many as ten years or more.

The biggest risk in having a dental bridge is the possibility of gum disease if a serious commitment to oral hygiene is not made. Another minor side effect is a mild sensitivity to extreme temperatures during the laboratory process, while you are wearing your temporal crowns.