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Dental Implants Treatment in Kandivali, Mumbai

dental implants in kandivali

Dental Implants

A dental implant is basically innovative revolution in the dentistry. Dental implants are generally replacement of tooth roots. They are designed to be fuse in the bone; the appearance looks much more natural. Our implantologists have state of art equipments and complete skillful knowledge to give every client interim comfort and bare minimum pain surgery experience. Dental implants are able to give consistent support to artificial teeth.

Our Success Mantra For Dental Implants:

# The reason we suggest you for dental implants is to give you long lasting solution. Our quality care and restoration methods give you complete freedom from dentures. Our dental implants are effective, long lasting and offer you complete freedom of speech.

# Be it single tooth misplacement, multiple tooth or all tooth, our experts here do have solutions consisting of all age group people. Our experts can help in restoring lost tooth without affecting healthy tooth.

dental implants in kandivali

# Even if you have missed set of tooth you don’t need to worry on anything. Dental implants that preserve and stimulate natural bone, helps in bone growth and preventing bone loss.

# The implant is basically invisible and they are generally made out of titanium placed on the upper or lower jaw bone.

Q-What is a dental implant?

A-Dental implants are titanium bolts which are surgically screwed into your jawbone to allow for a realistic looking crown to be anchored in place. Implants can be a welcome alternative for people missing most or all of their teeth and can also be used to replace a single missing tooth. The procedure requires surgery and, depending on the size and shape of your jawbone, might also require a bone graft. However, once it has ‘taken', the implant will last a lifetime. The crowns anchored to an implant do have to be replaced every ten to fifteen years.

There are also a number of variables depending mostly on the shape of the jawbone and the number of implants that need to be placed. The surgery to insert the implant into your jawbone can require a three to six month healing period. In certain cases it might be possible to connect the prosthesis, whether it be a crown, a bridge or a full denture immediately after the surgery, this depends on each individual case.

But once the implant has fused with the surrounding bone, the resulting anchor is very strong and durable and makes for excellent results.

Q-What are the dental implant pros and cons?

A-Dental implants are a dependable and lifelong cosmetic dentistry procedure. Compared with bridges that require certain degree of adjacent tooth reduction, and dentures which sometimes feel loose and unstable, they provide a permanent solution that is both functional and natural appearing.

Dental implants are not without their downside. Other than the considerable expense involved, the procedure can also be time-consuming once preparation and healing time are factored in. There can also be some amount of pain involved throughout the procedure. Finally, as with any form of complex surgery, there is always the risk of complication.